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Beaver Moon

Under the thick clouds of Hong Island we met at Braemar Hill Road Playground. As the champagne popped and with Gary Glitter trying to entice any passing juveniles, we donned our PT kit and stashed our bags.


The Wimps disappeared onto the run early, as the beer was unloaded. These were placed into the buckets and iced with a number of hard core stalwarts getting a few early “liveners” into them before the run.

Lost in Translation gave the brief…….. and after working out what she said, what language she was speaking and if in fact she was referring to the run, off we set out the park and up the hill.

A short distance later was a first easily solved Check. Across the road and straight onto a very dark well worn shiggy trail. 

At this point, Moonie realized he had no torch and Hopeless offered to lend him his spare that he had buried in his shorts somewhere!........ “Its better if you wear it on your head”……Yeh right, That torch is going nowhere near my face!!!

As Hopeless was heard to say “Don’t worry, its quite a flat run”, we dug out the climbing ropes and up we went.

Left at the top of a short rise and along a lovely undulating running trail, Sir Cecil’s Ride, with the odd check to slow the frontrunners down.Along approximately 700 metres to a pagoda, over a small bridge then right up the trail either side of Siu Ma Stream.


Up we went on a great trail, having to navigate a few large boulders as we headed in the direction of Mount Butler Radio Station. A few more checks and then left in a downward direction. Down some steps and “CHECK BACK!!”. Up and right, and again a lovely undulating well worn path for about 1 km, with a few pot holes, and fantastic views of Hong Kong, TST and Victoria Harbour on our right.


The last km was down some steep steps, through Choi Sai Woo Park and back to the start. Six kilometres, perfect!! On to the beer!!!  


Great markings by the hares and good markings by the FRB’s which enabled everyone to be back at the buckets within good time with even Liberace managing to complete the run without getting lost!!! 

Beer, wine n champers was duly quaffed while the business was prepared. 


In came the Hares, LIT & Swimsuit, for a rubbish run.


Gary Glitter for chatting up some old grannie with a pet beaver in a school uniform.

Crackpot who wanted to see some old hairy beaver.

Eunuch who lost his beaver.

All the girls who still have a beaver.

And, all the boys trying very hard to grow a beaver.

(Down-Downs were dished out by Moonie, Hopeless, The Birfday Girl and a few from the pack)

On to the Main Event. The Birfday Girl, who is doing a Birthday World Tour and having as many parties as she can in the month of her birth, stepped into the Circle and we all sang Happy Birthday!!! (Some more in tune than others!!)

Birthday cake was duly chopped up with a wee saber and we all had a bit!!!

Great run, great pack, great craic!!!


Moonie. (PS. Photos on Facebook) 

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