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Joint run with LSW #2448, N2TH3 #2129   |   Hare Hopeless   |   Write-up Lost In Translation


Great to see a  bumper turn out for LSWH3's joint run with FMH3 & N2TH3 including returning travellers Blow My Tits and Screwtop and an LH4 crew supporting our hare. 


After Hopeless gives us the briefing and a few team photos taken the pack were off, back towards the MTR and over the bridge with Minja Turtle and Moonie leading us to the first check. 


True trail was a risky sprint across the main road and up Cornwall Street only for Cutie to find the check back, meanwhile Minja already second guessing and on Beacon Hill Road finding (and not calling) true trail. 


The 'usual' way off Beacon Hill Rd is now under construction so the hashers had to pivot like ballerinas across the scaffolding and out onto Lung Cheung Road to the wimp/rambo split. Basically the wimps (Cums Up The Rear, Minja, InflatADateOrangaWank) took the steps up the bridge and the rambos took the slightly longer slope. Next check took us under the fence, along the terracing and back to Lung Yan Road, a long slog up the hill where Moonie, Lost In Translation and Screwtop eventually came across a check back. Once again, Minja, second guessing, found trail left down the steps only to discover another check back leaving Ocotopussy and LIT finding true trail along the terracing to the next two-way check. With the entire pack going right on the check, LIT and Screwtop, like true hashers, checked left.  


A bit of confusion caused by the front runners but eventually we found trail through the gate and down the slippery shiggy to another check with Mango Groove solving it and very proud of himself as FRB only to hit another check back. LIT solving the CB down another short shiggy section and back out onto Lung Cheung Road to the bridge check. This simple check caused massive confusion, yes, proof that hashers are easily confused. True trail was right off this check, with the first marking about 30m off the check. However, with OrangaWank not calling, Minja, LIT and CUTR went over the bridge where Minja picked up trail, but realising we had missed a loop, called back to the pack that we were not on true trail... however the pack decided to follow the trail back to A but LIT and Minja wanted to find true trail and followed the trail backwards (SO, FYI CUTR – we did not sabotage the trail, you just didn't listen). LIT and Minja did the loop backwards then picked the true trail back up and had a good, fast sprint home with a full moon selfie en route. Very enjoyable and well marked trail, kept the pack together.


Back at A, the hashers enjoyed lots of cold beer, cheese and bread (thank you Moonie) and hot showers before the circle. 

Moonie opens up the circle:

Hare: Hopeless for a rubbish trail (his words)

Hare: Hopeless for doing conference calls while setting trail – dedication for ya

Hare: Hopeless having a hash crash & sending Moonie & LIT photos of his 'big gash'

LIT & Hopeless returning from Thailand – just in time for Hopeless to set trail (obviously!!) 

First raffle prize of Moonie's sourdough goes to Hopeless – honest it wasn't a fix!!

Second raffle prize of Screwtop's sourdough goes to OrangaWank 

First time Full Moon hashers on in – Cute Boar Butt, Juan Revolta & Chiwawa Jackson

Third raffle prize of Moonie's sourdough goes to Muck Diver

Fourth prize of Moonie's sourdough goes to Dingaling 

Visiting GMs: Hopeless HKFH3, Lotus LH4, Qutie (RA stand in) N2TH3

Down downs from Hopeless:

Prince of Darkness turning his raffle ticket round & round trying to see if the numbers changed

LH4 team were given a shortcut & hiding on trail 

LH4 team DFL even with the shortcut 

POD & LH4 as POD not DFL 

Moonie for supplying drinks – thanks

Liberace for ice & crisps – thanks

Minja happy as enough soda water 

Geriatic for going to footbridge then back to A (smart hasher)

Those that did the full trail, LIT, Minja & OrangaWank

The Wimps: Minja, CUTR & OrangaWank

Thanks to Moonie & Screwtop for the sourdough raffle prizes (all money raised going to Santa Hash) 

Open to the floor:

Octopussy to CUTR & Moonie – thought it was CUTR calling but should have known better – it was Moonie

Screwtop to Freebee for climbing over the open gate

Qutie to Juan Revolta for running in sannies & not proper running shoes – blister mania 

Golden Balls to InflatADate – known as OrangaWank 

Qutie to those that used the lift at the bridge - Cute Boar Butt, Freebee, Golden Balls 

Mango Groove to Liberace for short cutting as always but actually ended up long cutting

Mango Groove to LIT for setting in Pak Sha Wan next week as he was setting N2TH3 there next week too (ooops). Welcome to join LSW

Thanks Hopeless & Moonie – great to see so many hashers together / very enjoyable night.


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