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Run No 19, Full Snow Moon
A joint run with Kowloon Hash
Produced by KH3 scribe and plagiarised by FMH3 scribe

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Date: 6 February 2023
Hares: Geriatric, Limp Dick
Location 71/2 Milestone Rest Garden, Tai Wai

It was a nice evening. As it was the first Full Moon for the Year of Rabbit, the FMH3 joined KH3 for a joint run. 

The bucket was set at a low-profiled sitting-out area underneath the highway linking Kowloon and Sha Tin. It's a very good location; no one other than our hashers would pass by there. There was a good turnout, 22 KH3 hashers, and a familiar face coming back for vacation, Fishy Fingers. 

The FMH3 hashers show up a bit later at around 6:30 pm. As usual, some walkers started early, such as Coalman, Hopeless, Choi Siu, Mark Sex Cupid Stunt, Fanny Sniffer, One Hung Lo, Haemorrhoids, Pink Dick, Bunter, and Who The Fuck, etc. 

The runners started at 6 pm sharp. After the hare Geriatric's briefing, they ran straight to the first three-way check outside the garden entrance. Burning Lust and Liberace checked right, but it was the wrong trail. It's interesting that Burning Lust ran back to the Garden and had to start again. 

The runners started at 6 pm sharp. After the hare Geriatric's briefing, they ran straight to the first three-way check outside the garden entrance. Burning Lust and Liberace checked right, but it was the wrong trail. It's interesting that Burning Lust ran back to the Garden and had to start again. 

The others following GM Long Horn found the on-on down a very slippery concrete path. In order not to be caught by Burning Lust & Liberace, and wanting to beat the GM, Julie No More fearlessly decided to roll down the slope. He reckoned that it would be faster, but he didn't expect to have such a really bad hash crash; a terrible injury to his fingers. 

The runners ran into a long shiggy path towards somewhere they didn't know, with absolutely no idea of the direction and no idea where they were. Around 1km later, they finally climbed out onto a concrete road near Shatin Heights. They ran along Tai Po Road for some distance to reach the Lower Shing Mun Reservoir dam. The front runners turned on to a shiggy path, and with some long steps down to an unknown village. Burning Lust didn't know where he was so he ran around 2km to reach the main road to where the Shatin 400kv substation is. 

Then there was a R/W split. Rambos running left up a shiggy trail again. The FRBs ran about 1km down to Mei Tin estate. Through the estate towards an unknown hillside then up a metal staircase to the concrete and shiggy path. There were several tricky CBs on the paths. But all you had to do was to run up the steps to the upper parallel path then run down from the other steps to the same concrete path again. After finishing all the tricky CBs, the pack ran back to the bucket at around 6.8km distance. 

It was actually a fantastic run. And even Liberace didn’t have any complaints about the run. I just wonder how the old fucking guy Geriatric who is over 80 can still set such a challenging trail. Really amazing!!!

At the bucket, the FMH3 hashers came back after about 20 minutes, and after drinking for a short while the GM of FMH3, Moonie, started a raffle with prizes of sourdough loaves. YUM!! Luckily our GM Long Horn got the first prize, and apparently, Fanny Sniffer also won something. 

A few down downs were given in the following order: Moonie, Long Horn, RA 

1. Those who set off in the wrong time 

2. Telecom , aka TeleKunt ,as a visitor 

3. Returnees Fishy Fingers; Hemorrhoids 

4. Hares, for setting a terrible and nasty run; Geriatric and Limp Dick 

5 Those who are newbies to the hash 

6. All the ladies (including Liberace) were given a down down 

7. Haemorrhoids being the last back, and also lost his waist belt 

8. Mango was given a down down for some strange reason 

9. Boys racing on the run 

10. Burning Lust for pushing Julie No More into a gully when he want to overtake him 

11. One Hung Lo for his good effort to overtake TeleKunt more than twice 

12, Geriatric for using G/S as a confusing marking for Gentlemen strolling 

13, Last but not the least, GM Long Horn was given one for using his phone while the RA was performing his ceremony 

Around 8pm we went to the on-on, a dai-pai dong somewhere next to Tai Wai station. As Julie No More was not attending the on-on, we dared not go to the goose restaurant because of the peanut event (Eh? – Webshite). Eventually, Limp Dick chose another small restaurant next door. He ordered many delicious dishes for us. Excellent price too, only $120 per head. 

Very well done for the hares – Scribe Choi Siu

And some words from the KH3 GM

Greetings Mentlemen, Geriatric and Limp Dick were this week’s hosts for a joint Full Moon run in Tai Wai. Whilst there was only a few Full Moon Hashers in attendance (perhaps due to the lack of appearance of an actual full moon), KH3 had a decent attendance. Early on there was some banter at the bucket that trail from the MTR to the bucket was a mini hash in itself. The usual suspects set off early with the majority of the pack setting off at 6pm “at which time no Full Moon Hashers were in sight…. they must have not got the memo” some latecomers complimented the attendees list. A well marked trail of 6.7km entertained the pack for around 1 hour, with W/R splits and a cheeky CB which consisting of some gnarly shiggy where Rocky attempted to move a section of concrete drainage with his hand after temporarily losing his footing, resulting in a gaping wound to a few of his fingers. In true hash style he completed the course unbothered and returned to the bucket worse for wear (of course his fellow hashers showed absolutely no compassion for his unfortunate altercation). Rocky therefore is this weeks Participant of Mention. The hares did a great job of providing a good selection of coldies at the bucket, by which time the Full Mooners had decided to arrive. A circle was formed at the bucket to cater for the Mooners (all 4 of them). When it was time to head to the On-On, all sorts of clothing was left unattended, torch, belt, shorts and shirt….. all will be returned next week during the DDs! The on-on was a feast of local delicacies at a nearby eatery attended by 16 die-hards. We were honored with the presence of Fishy Fingers, all the way from San Francisco…. great to see Fishy looking so well. Liberace’s intentional misspelling of “Telecunt” has proved to be popular and seems to have stuck like shit to a baby’s blanket! 

Thank you Hares for your arrangements, another fun night in the tropics. Hope Rocky recovers soon. 

KH3 GM, Longhorn 



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