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FMH Run No. 20 / LH4 Run No. 2700

Raised pergola overlooking the pond in Lai Chi Kok Park

An evening involving two hash milestones — 52 years!! …... and two years.

After some light-hearted banter about markings from the closest MTR exit, which wasn’t exactly the closest to the start of the run, the brief was given by the night’s hare, Moonie. South from the pergola and straight on to a check. Trail continued into the park in an easterly direction and on to the next check. The call was heard up the steps and on through the next check onto the park's running trail, continuing in an easterly direction.


Out of the park's exit on Po Lun Street (which incidentally was changed from the original exit the hare wanted to use due to a lot of rats in a large dark, rubbish-strewn area not far from where the trail came out!!) and along the road. Right at the next check, along Sham Mong Road, across the pelican crossing and onto the next check.

Markings then took a 180-degree turn to a pedestrian footbridge over Kwai Chung Road. Trail then doglegged over a number of crossings and wound its way in a north-westerly direction towards Jao Tsang- I Academy, where it came to an abrupt halt. An arrow pointed into the area’s tourist attraction but try as they might, the pack were not able to locate any more markings.

Luckily, Ding-a-Ling persevered up the steps and called it on when he saw what remained of an arrow up at the top! Phew! It looked like the cleaners had been busy!

On through the academy and out the northern gate to Castle Peak Road and rambo/wimp split. Rambos right, wimps left.

The rambos crossed a couple of pelican crossings and then on up Cheung Hang Road. Left at the split to Tai Ching Cheung Road and on to the final check where the road rejoined Cheung Hang Road. Down the road, past Kau Wah Pumping Station, on to a village path past the Beach Pavilion and on down to rejoin Castle Peak Road-Kwai Chung. On Left, back down to the rambo/wimp split, rejoining the wimps and right down the hill to

Lai Wan Road. Then back through the park and On Home. 6km rambos / 4km wimps.


Business was quickly dealt with, with a number of deserved down-downs, many photos taken and a small raffle with two loaves of bread on offer before dashing to a local Thai restaurant before it closed.


Great evening with great people and excellent food at the bash. And a Very Happy Birfday to the Ladies!!

2700 runs = 52 years!! (or near enough!)



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