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DATE Wednesday 26 May 2021 – joint run with Northern New Territories Hash.

TIME 7.30pm / 1930hrs.

THEME Flowers – please wear something flowery.

HARE Moonie.

LOCATION Hin Tin Playground, Sha Tin

GET THERE Nearest MTR Hin Keng. Take Exit A (it's the only one!), look left and the park is right in front of you. Walk into the park, keep to the left-hand side and walk down to the back left-hand corner of the park.

TOILETS/ Changing rooms at the entrance to the park. Changing rooms and showers are open until 11pm (take note Prince of Darkness!).

PARKING Across the road from the park at Hin Keng Shopping Centre for a pay car park. Cars and trucks do park on the road next to Hin Tin Playground but that is at your own risk.

Hares will ensure good markings, LARGE arrows and plenty of them! There will be a wimp/rambo split. Please ensure you only do the trail you are capable of on a night-time run. A torch is essential (although you wouldn't think so under a full moon!). Please no calling out or drawing attention in built-up areas.

Drinks and ice will be provided on a pay as you drink basis so please keep count and pay at the end – or pay for each individual drink. Please bring change to pay for your drinks.

Beer (Tsingtao & Carlsberg) $10

Softees & soda water $6

Buckets & ice provided

As always at this time of social distancing please try to be discreet with the "noise" level, stay distanced as per government protocols and have a mask handy at all times (including on trail in case you get lost).


It’s a super blood moon, when a super moon combines with a total lunar eclipse. The action begins with the rising of a full super moon that, within minutes, will be totally eclipsed.

18:56 Partially eclipsed moon rises in the east

19:11 Total eclipse begins just above eastern horizon

19:25 Partial eclipse begins above eastern horizon


19:30 Runners off


20:52 Penumbral eclipse begins at 21 degrees in the southeast


21:00 Circle


21:49 Penumbral eclipse ends 31 degrees in the southeast

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