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Run No 3

Full Flower Moon

Flower Moon 2021.jpeg
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wednesday 26 may
hares moonie & tangerine dream
N2TH3 No. 2016/LSW No. 2330/FMH3 N0.3 Joint run


They came in dribs n drabs, some early, some late. “Do we have to wait for the others?”....“Can we leave now?"....“This is is the very same location the Free China Hash had a run in with the Police!!”....Everyone keen as mustard to get up the hill....well, not everyone!! 

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Off they went in a southerly direction, back towards the MTR they had just come from, between 6.30 and 7.40pm.


On past the MTR, past Sha Tin Water Treatment Plant and up a reasonably steep single track road section. On to an easily solved split and up the hill and thus to Section 5 of the Wilson Trail along the catchwater


Left along the Wilson Trail, dodging monkeys along the way for about 800 metres, then up to the right heading ominously in the direction of Lion Rock!


Up the country trail for another 800 metres where there was an intersection of paths and the perfectly positioned Reunification Pagoda from which to view the Lunar Eclipse.... if it wasn’t for the clouds!!! 


As most continued on, a few hashers decided to wait at the pagoda. As it was, their patience paid off, because after a short time they did actually see the moon even if it was a little obscured by clouds. 


From the check at the pagoda and its enticement of heading along the Maclehose Trail towards Lion Rock, trail actually headed in a northerly direction. This was a nice downhill section of about 2km, skirting past Amah Rock and down slippery steps and slopes back towards Tai Wai.


After hitting the main road at the bottom, it was past Union Hospital and winding through the streets of Tai Wai back to Hin Tin Playground.


Back at the park, fun and games ensued with the local Park Rangers (although I seem to remember we called them something else!!) coming round and insisting on social distancing and being masked up. Hashers were obviously anxious due to the previous encounter with the police at the Free China Hash some weeks earlier, and quite a few decided to leave early. 


In any event, we still managed to quaff a load of beer (hurrrayyyyy) and commence sales of the recently produced Full Moon Hash T-shirts. Unfortunately, the circle was a non starter. Just not worth the hassle at this moment in time.


Thanks again to everyone who made it such a lovely evening. Big shout out to the Ladies Hash who'd had a run the night before but still managed to make it for the Full Moon.

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bonus report by LSWH3

LSW regulars were Hopeless, LIT, Freewheel, Octopussy, Brother Anus, Poledancer, Gobi Lo, Pole Rider, Winky Twinkie, Screwtop

This was a tale of two hashes, one full moon and a long run on a humid night.

The organisation of the run fell to a New Territories hash group (N2TH3) and a hare by the name of "Moonie". The name "Moonie" is no coincidence on the night of a full moon, as the hare honoured his name by laying flour as part of a Hong Kong hashing tradition to celebrate an evening normally dominated by werewolves, Michael Jackson’s "Thriller" and the odd episode of Sherlock Holmes. LSW hashers took a breather from regular haring duties and did little more than follow trail and pay the $10 run fee.

Notables this evening included an "A" location set well into the far reaches of Hin Tin Playground, providing solace from the prying eyes of the playground guards and a view of the full moon, which peaked out from behind a housing estate conveniently after most runners had returned.

LSW hashers would have some familiarity with the trail as a significant portion traced the epic route set by Waichee last year – a run that led up and over the mountain ridge to provide views of Hong Kong Island and a Kowloon Tong MTR "B".

This Wednesday’s trail by Moonie even followed the same turn off the water catchment roadway, but pursued a more established trail along large steps that would lead into a torturous climb in plus-30C heat. Note here the night’s run had a delayed start time of 7.30pm to coincide with a ridge top view that was to provide a glimpse of the moon’s western rise. The run’s full moon even featured a total lunar eclipse – the only one of 2021.

Many runners said the celestial being failed to make a showing as heavy cloud obscured the ridge top view. Nevertheless, the trail carried on a winding traverse that eventually passed Amah Rock and then onto a steep descent. The lower reaches brought us back to an area that felt like fringe Tai Wai and a long road-running section that eventually returned to the ice bucket back at Hin Tin Playground.

Apart from those scratched and bruised, fellow "moon-spotters" from the far reaches of the SAR enjoyed a long social session with free flowing beer.

Familiar faces from the New Territories and sometimes LSW attendees included Golden Balls and Catch of the Day, among many others.

Special thanks to Moonie and his special assistant who pitched in to help out with logistics and Full Moon Hash T-shirts.

– Comes Up The Rear


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