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the run

To avoid the rozzers or park police spoiling our fun, we congregated at the rear of the squash

centre in Kowloon Tong’s Cornwall Street Park for a Hopeless joint run with the Wanchai and Shek Kong hashes.

The “fruit” Checks briefing confused some of our less intelligent hashers so as we left them scratching their heads while the pack shot off out the park with Timbits, Telecum and Haggis Humper racing off to the first check, at which all three FRBs shot off right, leaving Lost In

Translation to solo check left.


LIT called the pack on on to the delight of the walkers including the WH3 GM, Spinky McHu, Pissy Toes and many more, who short cut across the road. A check back brought the pack together through the shiggy trail, with No Idea trying to push past LIT and Ivana Nucock in a gentlemanly fashion.


Up the riverbed to the banana check, which caused Liberace no end of confusion. Trail took us up and over the main road, which at this point left Telecum, LIT and Ivana Nucock out in front where they stumbled across Kannot Finish and ex-GM Freerider on the long stretch up the hill.


Down the steps, along the catchwater, down the shiggy to the 3km drinks / lollipop stop that only Hopeless managed to find. Big P and Merry Go Down opted for the wimp trail on the wimp/rambo split. The rambo route took the pack up a contour path and back down onto a main road for another long run solving the fruit checks.


On to the W/R rejoin and on home, to find many wimps already back enjoying cold beers. Bware Wabbit with his walking stick and hash flash Moonie in full swing while Pink Poofter gives the run 8 out of 10!


Really enjoyable, well-marked trail.

Screenshot 2021-09-12 at 1.38.13 PM.jpg

Full Moon Hash No 6

Map courtesy of Hopeless mapping services shows the rambo route; wimps split at 2.8km


Full Moon Hash GM Moonie opened the Circle, resplendent in his Shek Kong Hash RA outfit.


Hopeless – the hare


All the early starters – The Coalman, Cupid Stunt, Prickly Puppy,

Marie Go Down, It’s About Time and Big-P (all WH3!)


The Coalman – abusing the hare –“Where’s Hopeless?” reply: “Who



Tangerine Dream asking about cod pieces


All those dressed in “fruit” – Luk Sup Gow, Pissy Toes and Liberace

Golden Balls – on a diet – but that doesn’t include malt whisky!


Haggis Humper – ran off before the briefing and then complained about the checks


Victim – “I didn’t see any fruit checks”


Sweet n Sour, Comes for Anal) – got lost at Exit C2 in Festival Walk 


Dr. Evil – “This IS Wanchai Hash territory!”


Over to SKH3 GM Liberace.

Screenshot 2021-09-12 at 1.41.27 PM.jpg
Screenshot 2021-09-12 at 1.42.35 PM.jpg

Hare – confusing checks – what fruit?

Plus a few more charges that weren’t written down, except for Libs' notes on theback of a Tsing Tao beer case....

WH3 GM Java Jugs 


Timbits and O’Bollcoks – private circle


No Idea & Emily coming in the wrong way


Hopeless wearing Hammersley Hash gear

LIT – hare confusing

Travedls for anal – going through tunnel

At this point the 11 cases (x24) of beer run out and Moonie has to do an “emergency run” to his car to get the back-up beer out of the boot/trunk.


So, meanwhile:

Hopeless gets Telecum in for buying a new expensive toy, an Xbox, and forgetting to buy Java Jugs handbag(s)/shoes(s) of the same price....


Announcements followed and – end of Circle –

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