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& Little Sai Wan Hash

& Tangerine Dream

The Run

 Another great turnout for Full Moon Run No.8……. although it might have had something to do with it being a joint run with the LSW3 & N2TH3!!! 

With many coming by MTR, markings from the nearest station were at best, sparse!!! But most managed to find their way to the start point via a live location placed on the WhatsApp group by the hare.


Bags were dropped, PT kit was donned and the hare gave a brief, but detailed, informative and concise briefing of the run in store. “Usual markings!”…….. And off they went. 

North-easterly along Ma On Shan Promenade to a check at Hi Tai Street, confusing nobody. The pack went right towards Sai Sha Road in the direction of the Full Moon. Right again, through the subway, MTR on the left and to another check at the other side. Easily solved and it was on through Tai Shui Hang Village moving closer to the hillside. 

Another check solved and it was into Ma On Shan Country Park and a well worn country path towards the hilltops. 

A cheeky check half-way up brought the pack contouring round the hillside past a wimps (On down the hill to the road) rambos split and along over a weir. 

Down and along some steps with a sheer rock face on the left to a locked gate that was bypassed by climbing (with the aid of a rope!) over a large rock! 

Onto Mui Tsz Lam Road went the trail, along, over the bridge, right and the long road home, past Chevalier Garden, picking up the wimps half-way home. 

It was onto some lovely ice-cold beers as we waited for the stragglers to return…… 


Rambo trail shown in red with the wimp shortcut marked in yellow. Courtesy Hopeless 

The Circle

Down-downs were dished out quite late due to a couple of hashers still being out on trail, but with hashers starting to thin out back to Hong Kong Island, we couldn’t wait all night. So, a few guilty culprits were duly dealt with by the GM and even more from the GMs of N2TH3 and LSWH3 and of course a few from the floor. 

Eventually, the two hashers returned after…………. two and a half hours!!! ..... a 6km run!!?? 

Anyway, luckily for them there were a few beers left over. So we left them to it and went home!! 

The Photos

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Photos courtesy Chiwawa Jackson and Luk Sup Gow

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