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 So, on the day the United Kingdom crowned a new King & Queen, Hopeless gave his briefing — after the rabble was finally tamed by the GM. (So much excitement!!) 

.... Marked in flour and chalk, three wimp / rambo splits .... "Oh, and Anal Stick Will Do, do not do the third rambo loop!!” (All would become apparent during the run!) 

After a quick Hash Flash ....

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Run#22 report_Page_1_Image_0003.jpg

.... off we went, same direction as the Santa Hash back in December ‘22. 

Out the park, across the road, easily navigating the first couple of checks, past Yau Tong Court on our left and straight onto the first check-back!! 

Ice Dancer was quick to bring us on back and up some steps to the call of “ON-ONNNNN!!” 

Right off the stairs, and with Lost In Translation and Moonie staying on the right hand side of Ko Chiu Road — on trail — Ice Dancer, second guessing where the trail was going, dragged everyone else left up Pik Wan Road and up the hill. Another check-back, found by LIT, brought the “true” trail runners back on course and up the hill. 

Across the road, up a short slope, down and back across the road and up some more steps. Everybody all still together at this point, so the checks and check-backs were doing a great job of keeping the pack together. 

Liberace, our Shortcutter of the Day, was away up the steps and calling it on. Unfortunately, he "forgot" to mark the check-back halfway up the steps, so after coming across that and marking it, the rest of the pack found the ON-ON further up the hill on a path paralleling the one we'd come up. 

This way! I know a good shortcut!

On up the winding hill we went past Devil's Peak Battery and the fortifications, with a lot more markings than was really necessary (due to the expected downpour of rain which luckily held off), clearly showing where trail led.

Up more steps and on past Gough Battery. Gorgeous views of Junk Bay, the new bridge and Tsuen Kwan O up here.

LIT hit another check-back down the road, came back up and found trail off on a village path and down some steps. 

Another check found Moonie calling it on, with LIT & Libs caught out the wrong way, but another shortcut by Liberace saw him climb over a fence and back onto trail in a desperate effort to be the FRB. 

"Oh Floower of SCOTTTTLAND!!! When will we see..."

Down the drainage culvert, scramble under a fence and up onto the road next to Lei Yue Mun Methodist Church. 

Then it was a mad dash back, dodging traffic, crossing a couple of busy roads and onto some lovely cold beers. YUM!! 

(Somewhere in there, we ran through three rambo / wimp splits. The last of which was through one of the bunkers up on the hill — and due to the size of the entrance and Anal Stick Will Do being built like a barn door he had to give it a wide berth. 

Another great turnout, with great people, good run and a good laff!!! Unfortunately, being daytime, the Moon was sadly missing, but, if you looked closely ....

The Craic 

Business was conducted once Prince Of Darkness returned …. luckily, before nightfall …. and the circle was called to order. Down-Downs were dished out to the most worthy and for a multitude of heinous crimes and offenses such as, but not limited to, the following: 

The Hare, Hopeless, for a really good r… crap run 

Hopeless for imitating an RA and Muck Diver who was nominated RA for the day (but the GM then forgot all about it!!) 

Liberace, who took shortcutting to a different level and cut short at every opportunity. 

Ice Dancer second guessing every false trail and junction. 

Anal Stick Will Do for definitely NOT being part of the work crew to build the tunnels. 

POD for insinuating that Moonie's arse needed waxing. 

All those miserable bastards who had no flowers for the circle. 

All those who did have!! 

Suffragette for threatening to give Moonie the horn all week but then forgetting to bring it! 

Hopeless, who particularly likes rambo / wimp splits when setting runs from Yau Tong. 

LIT, Ice Dancer & Moonie for a perfect rendition of “Oh Flower of Scotland” at one of Hopeless’ flower artworks. 

POD who looks nothing like King Charles but had borrowed his crown (minus the diamond I might add!).

Dingaling the latecomer (“I might have been last to start but I wasn’t last back!”) 

Can’t remember any more but there were many funny and humorous stories (all of them true!) and down-downs dished out from the floor, too many to mention here. 

Drinks were then consumed at a pleasant pace with another dash to the shop for more beer, not once, but TWICE!! 

Great afternoon in a great location with a great run. 



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