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Run No 4

Full Strawberry Moon

friday 25 june
hare hopeless
friday hash 167/full moon hash 4


With the skies looking likely to drop copious amount of water soon, hashers young and old arrived at Shek Kip Mei Central Playground from 6pm onwards.


The hare, Hopeless, had set a wimps and rambos trail of 4.3km and 6km respectively. Briefings were given as hashers arrived and in keeping with government protocols, hashers left in small groups throughout the evening, from 6.30-ish. Beer and ice arrived a little late, so it's thanks to the hare for ensuring beer and softies were nice and cold before the pack returned

Markings took us out of the northern entrance to the park and left towards Pak Tin Estate. A couple of confusing checks around the estate and off Pak Wan Street to hit (one of many!) a check back.

Screenshot 2021-07-02 at 10.58.14 AM.jpg

Back we came and in a southerly direction down Pui Tak Street and on to Pak Tin Street where absolute chaos ensued, well in the group I was with, as we checked all around the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre area in the hope of finding any old marking.

We were eventually called on down Pak Tin Street in a sou’westerly direction. Another check, check back, T and trail headed up a dark alley and past Mei Ho Youth Hostel, where Hopeless had obviously been trying to recruit new runners, because I’m sure I saw a couple of people wearing FMH3 t-shirts!!!


Up in a northerly direction we went towards Lei Cheng Uk, hit Tai Po Road, right and up past the PetroChina service station. Right at Tai Wah Ping Road and up towards Dynasty Height. Right again along Yin Ping Road towards and through Beacon Heights, around half the estate, around Shek Kip Mei Service Reservoir Playground and east along Cornwall Street.

and finally right weaving through the various interlinked parks and back to the bucket.

Luckily the rain held off and markings managed to stay in place just long enough for all the runners to make it round. Thanks are due to Hopeless, who understood the weather conditions and marked trail accordingly.


Nice cold beer was on offer on our return with the Slog's strawberry-infused “concoction” available to all who were foolish enough to partake!! The odd glass of champers was also being consumed, although a fight was narrowly averted when one of these prized drinks was accidently knocked over. If it wasn’t for the police station (“POLICE STATION!!!????”)  across the road I reckon it would have definitely been fisticuffs!!

Unlike our previous Full Moon Hash in Tai Wai, we managed to conduct some Business. As always, I can’t remember much about those proceedings, but it's guaranteed .... GUARANTEED!!! that all the drinks 

dished out for the various misdemeanour’s were fully warranted and fully deserved!!

Thank you All for a great evening with special thanks to Tangerine Dream for getting the beer and ice, Lost in Translation and Back to the Future for the photos and of course the Hare for persevering with the weather and ensuring we had a run.

ON-ON!! To the next Full Moon, The Full Thunder Moon which will be set on Lamma by Haggis on Saturday 24 July. Run start time a little earlier than normal, 3pm, so we can enjoy a few extra beers and sample the local fare at a nearby restaurant.

– Moonie


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