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Report Run No 23

Fo Tan it was for a Liberace special!

...No wondering if there were strange markings at the "checks" wondering if there might be a different trail off in a totally different direction to the one set by the hare...and definitely no need to be told "Don't follow that man, he's going the wrong way!"

FMH3 Run #23.jpg

A great turn-out!

The hare...talking bollocks!

We gathered at Shan Mei Playground. The pack was called to order and Libs did his thing with a couple of co-hares, who made a rather rapid exit after listening to Liberace's bullshit..."Easy, flat run with mo hills. The rambo is 6km but the wimps can do the rambo trail, it's that easy."


Trail led out of the park to Shan Mei Street and right to the junction with Sui Wo Road to a check. Easily solved and on-on along Shan Mei Street then left at the top along Kwei Tei Street towards the roundabout, where trail turned right along Wong Chun Yeung Street and up what one can only describe as a "hill".

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 12.19.10 PM.png

The check took us right at the top along Kwei Tei Sun Chuen Road, continuing in an upward direction. FRBs Lost In Translation, Oink Oink Oink and Moonie were already making the hare's ears burn at this stage (I'm sure they were red hot by the time all the rambos had finished the trail). Along the road another 400 metres and we came to another check – again, easily solved, and we could see the rambo/wimp split marking down the hill.


We carried on down a short flight of steps then it was up...and up...AND UP!!! – "with no hills"

Luckily, some of the old farts – Dram and Geriatric – made a wise decision after realising the hare had been talking absolute bollocks and turned around at some point, returning home to the bucket, where the hare and his Sis were having a good old laugh and joke about the "flat" run by trying too quaff as much beer as they could!


At one stage, the hare was spotted out, marking the on-on home and continuing to tell everyone what a wonderful, flat, easy run it was!


An old fart looking for sympathy from a group of hasherettes

Meanwhile, Beer Tits, VD and others, concerned for the older farts, coupled with the blazing hot weather and the hill, asked the hare where the old farts were. "Oh, they're coming," so they decided to wait...and wait...and after 20 minutes of waiting, realised they weren't coming!

Luckily, the rest of the pack hadn't spotted the hare. There was already talk of lynchings, the cat o' nine tails and walking the plank!


Trail continued up some lovely old village paths and steps, and on up, up to Wo Sheung Tun. More steps up and it was into the shaggy (???) we went along a nice but rocky country trail.


The hare beats a hasty retreat!


After traversing the undulating trail, we hit a check , which then had us heading back down towards Fo Tan.


Down past Wong Cheuk Yeung Peak on the right, onto the single track road, a check ("Checking left!") and on down the hill the FRBs went, past the on-home, picking up the out trail, and then the dash to the circle for some nice cold beers.


Moonie then attempted to collect hash cash, sell raffle tickets and coerce the pack into buying an FMH3 shirt, but as we know, getting money out of hashers is like getting blood out of a stone! The SKH3 GM didn't help the situation any by continually calling for the circle to be started...he was obviously on a promise!

And so, the circle.

Moonie started off by getting the hare in and telling him that because his two co-hares had done a sharp exit, he had to drink three down downs for every misdemeanour he was called in for (which he was about to find out were many!)

The hare for a "rubbish run"

The hare for an "easy run"

The hare for a "flat run" (you get the picture!)

Lost In Translation: went to Manchester to learn the Queen's English

Fartypants on a no-carb diet that doesn't exclude beer, wine, rum, vodka, shooters and staying on the piss all night

Prince Of Darkness and Fartypants: racing on the hash

Bike hashers from Saturday's bike hash in Yuen Long

Lost In Translation for a blatant lie, saying the sun was shining in Scotland

Gordon Banks lookalike Prince Of Darkness: filled the goalposts with his enormous bulk

SKH3 GM BJ gave a few great down downs, including:

Electrolux (represented by Ah Duk), who missed her own birthday party

All the guys who left Chemical Ali's on out evening in Wan Chai before midnight – "soft cocks!"

A rendition of FOYC for Chemical Ali and VD, who leave Hong Kong this week

SKH3 RA (and FMH3 website!) Golden Balls conducted a naming, the first on a Full Moon Hash!

Wei named Milky Way due to comments earlier about the contents of something she drank..."Urghhh...this tastes like jism!"...or something like that

Stunt Double: the hasher most resembling a strawberry

Finally, a domestic down down from Beer Tits:

"We're nearly four years into the Covid-19 pandemic and LSG's never tested positive for the virus despite the rest of the family doing so. Hardly any wonder – I caught him taking the swab from his ear!"


On out Chemical Ali and VD


The drinking continues at the pigeon daipaidong – YUM!

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