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Run No. 23
Full Thunder Moon


A Tale of a Hare and Four Hounds


The Hare, me, gave the run briefing to the eager pack, of three, who were gagging to get out onto a very wet trail. It had been raining hard on and off for about two weeks, and there was no let up while I was out setting the trail mid-afternoon. But, being the seasoned hasher I am, I had brought plenty of shredded paper, which worked very well in the stormy conditions. 

So, as the clock struck 7, off they went, leaving me to guard the bags and then kicking myself for not going for some beers before they set off!!

The OAPs were in full flow, using the park facilities to their limit, and I thought I saw one of them nearly break into a sweat!

About 10 minutes later, some dodgy, shady characters arrived wearing trilbies, dark rain coats with the collars turned up and smoking pipes. I was then grilled for 10 minutes with reference smart watches and gps devices hacking into the main frame of the International Space Station and I told them that the old lapsap lady rooting through the bins had been acting strangely so they grabbed her and dragged her off out of the park!!

About 7:25 Liberace arrived. "Moonie, I don’t like those Kowloon Hashers, they are not my friends, so I've come here to be with my mates!!!" (I don't know where he thought he was!!) "Do you think I can catch the pack?"

Just under the hour, the FRB (Pipe Rider) arrived back to A, so I shot off for drinks, and returned about 15-20 minutes later with Carlsberg, Tsingtao, Asahi and some soda water.

Hopeless and Dingaling had also returned to A when I got back, leaving Liberace out there on his own.

And, as only Liberache can, he came back to A from a totally different direction to the rest of the pack, and in the totally opposite direction of the on-home markings, muttering something about rain and washed out markings.

The Circle was called, not long after, at about 8.30, with the pack still melting from the hot humid conditions.

Various comments were later asked for, in relation to the evenings run, and they went something like this…..


Screenshot 2023-07-07 at 10.00.13 AM.png

As I arrived at Wanchai Park, the hare, along with Hopeless and Dingaling, were busy chatting and preparing for the run. Little did we know that our trusty Garmin devices had a mischievous plan for us. Hopeless and I spent a frustrating 15 minutes, arms held high like antennas, desperately trying to establish a GPS connection, but it seemed the satellites were playing hide-and-seek with us.

Moonie gave us a quick rundown of the route, and the three of us set off towards Admiralty, starting our adventure on Wan Chai Road. Unfortunately, we encountered a bit of confusion near PP3 when the trail markings disappeared. Hopeless ventured ahead and discovered the true trail, which led us up an endless flight of stairs eventually reaching Kennedy Road, next to the gasoline station.

The trail continued along the tennis court on Bowen Road, where we encountered the first check, or perhaps it was the second one—details can be a bit hazy during the run! We pushed on, dealing with muddy and soft dirt trails caused by the day's heavy rain. Illuminating the path with our torches, we noticed glistening spider webs, engendering a few screams and lending an eerie but fascinating ambience to the surroundings. We even encountered a family of boars foraging along the trail, adding an unexpected wildlife sighting to our run.

After descending to Wan Chai Gap, we turned right onto Bowen Road and followed the steps down to Shui Fai Terrace. From there, we made our way through Stubbs Road children's playground, adding a touch of whimsy to our journey.

The "Full Thunder Moon" run proved to be an exhilarating experience, filled with challenges and HK wildlife sightings. Despite technical glitches and occasional confusion with the trail markings, the spirit of adventure prevailed, making it an event to remember. And as a delightful bonus, we each returned home with a (two-day-old) loaf of bread, baked by the talented hare himself—an unexpected reward for conquering the run! 😆 


July's supermoon to appear brighter than usual in the sky this week over Wan Chai Park for FMH3 run #24. Moonie stepping in again as hare, and, again, victim of some inclement weather. Behold, the mighty “shredded paper”! Plans for the new Coastal Walkway in front of North Point are now scattered all over Wan Chai!!

Hopeless waited anxiously until finally the hare arrived, smiling as ever (Moonie, not hopeless!). Then Dingaling and then…. Pipe Rider. Quality not quantity! Briefing was “head to Admiralty, only 2 Checks, if you see any trail, you are ON!”. So off we went, following chalk on lamp posts all the way to PP3 and headING up to the petrol station on Kennedy Road and the first check (kind of, looked washed out from the previous downpour). Up Bowen Drive, passing a large “Meetup Group” who were hiking up and along Bowen Road. The second check, Pipe Rider a little confused, going left, instead of up to Dutch Lane.

With the rainfall the path was really slippery and Pipe Rider was grateful to get onto the concrete section, only to be confronted by a large boar and offspring. Off, spring, she went—fast as she could, to then run into spider webs. Seeing a huge spider, PR decided it would be a good idea to take her phone out and photograph the lurking beast, leaving behind the $50 tucked into her running pack. Some lucky hiker is picking up a bonus Tuesday morning!

No more checks, so the trail headed down Wan Chai Gap, Bowen Road, badminton court, Shui Fai Terrace, down onto Stubbs Road via “the wonky toilets” and on home. A well-marked trail, perfect at 6km for a weekday night, and a beaming Moonie with bags of soda water, Tsing Tao, Asahi, and, naturally, Carlsberg! 


With rain clouds in the sky, the hashers made their way to Wan Chai Park, dodging puddles and weary workers on their way home to a warm bowl of noodles and sweet tea. Wan Chai was not buzzing but fizzing after a day of heavy rain. 

The diminutive pack gathered under the cover of the old people's exercise machines, a fitting tribute to the aging runners and those that had enjoyed a big weekend. At 7pm, the pack of three were briefed; a wet weather trail set with shredded paper and chalk on lamp posts; the pack would need to keep a look out and not just at the pavement. Hopeless and Pipe Rider set off in fine form, weaving between the pedestrian zombies, Dingaling struggling to keep up.

The trail headed to Admiralty before turning south up Monmouth Path to Kennedy Road. A check, lost amongst a crowd, headed on Bowen Drive to Bowen Road Garden. Climbing the steps at the back of the garden, 80m up the hillside through the wet plants, flowing streams and active spiders to Dutch Lane, named after the Dutch people who in pre-war Hong Kong used to walk from residential properties owned by a Dutch shipping line at Peak Road along this path to Wan Chai Gap and on to their offices.

The unlit path contoured above the city, giving views of the buildings shrouded in cloud and silent in the damp air. A small family of wild boar was startled to see the hashers. With some grunting they soon disappeared into the hillside to forage for roots, nuts and fallen fruit. Back to civilization and illuminated footpaths, down Wan Chai Gap Road, a misnomer as it's not a road but a very steep path down to Bowen Road. A quick right turn to follow the popular jogging track before heading down the hill to Shui Fai Terrace, Stubbs Road and back to Wan Chai Park.

With the first of the runners back, the hare could leave the bags to buy some drinks, to celebrate another successful Full Moon Hash and circle. 


...And it went like this...

This full moon hash is a Thunder Moon run located at Wan Chai Park. Start at 7 pm, but l got 25 minutes late there when I finished my job. l can only see the hare Moonie when l arrived. He gave me a briefing that there were usual markings marked by chalk and scrap papers. As he was the hare of the SKH3 the day before and made some fish hook markings to make all the packs get together, l suppose can catch the front runners although l being late started. Unfortunately, I was disappointed that there wasn't any fish hook. Eventually, l was the last one back to the circle.

The start trail was out Wan Chai Park turned left to Johnston road. Along the road around 1km to Queens Road East. Then turned to Monmouth Path up to Dutch Lane. Ran there around 2km then met Wan Chai Gap Road . I found there were no any fish hooks, so l can't catch up even one hasher. As it was too late, I worried there won't be too many beers left in the circle. l decided on short-cutting back from Wan Chai Gap Road to the bucket. When l was back, l found that there were only three hashers here other than the hare. It should be a record of the Full Moon Hash 😂😂😂.  I grabbed a beer immediately and gave a high five to the hare to such great run he made. 


Down-Downs went sumfink like this…

FRB Pipe Rider and Podium finishers Hopeless & Dingaling

Latecomer Liberace

Pipe Rider, pickpocketed my a huge wolf spider and relieved of $50. She was busy taking photos of its web up on trail while the spider was busy getting his feelers all over her!!!

Liberace arrived late, chuntering on about boring Kowloon hashers and that he would rather be at a hash where he's not slagged off, abused or told off for putting strange markings out on trail. So he came to the Full Moon Hash instead. Luckily...we didn't give him any chalk!

Hopeless and Pipe Rider, trying to locate the International Space Station so they could get a clear GPS signal for their smart watches

Liberace was made to explain the fish hook confusion during the SKH3 AGM yesterday, and how a 6 turned into a 9! As it turns out, he's got his head on
back-to-front!! Which makes perfect sense...unlike his explanation of the matter


Hopeless then took over the circle

The hare for the superbly marked run

Moonie, the hare—bread for every runner

Pipe Rider—arguing with a Boar.

Dingaling—no need to take chalk as the two in front could mark/check for him.

All the Honkies in—26 years of kicking out the Brits

All the $2 travellers—having to mix with all the “fare free” passengers on the MTR on July 1st

Pipe Rider—donating $50 to the early morning hiker


So, as Pipe Rider, Liberace and Dingaling headed home, Hopeless and Moonie headed to Churchills for a few more beers and chicken n chips! Yum!!


Till next time, ON-ON!!!



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