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Run No 26 | Whampoa | 31 August 2023
Full Moon #26.jpg

Blue Moons occur every  two to three years. Blue Super Moons on the other hand, are rare. On average, you get one every 20 or so years. The next one is in 2037. So, how lucky were we!!! Not just a Full Blue Moon, but an even rarer Blue Super Moon run from, what was hoped, would be a good viewing point at the water front, facing east, at Tai Wan Shan Park.

Rain had been threatening all day, and fingers crossed, the markings would not get washed away. Moonie left it late setting the run due to work commitments but was just able to set it and get back to the start in time for the first arrivals of the evening.

Full Mooners started to arrive from 6.30 onward, with a good turnout from the KH3 and LH4. Beer and ice were sorted and a run brief was given.

Off they went. (Unfortunately for the runners, the Fun Police from Laguna Verde had been along the first 200 metres and rubbed the markings off the wall!) Nitro Gorman arrived late, and soon got going after a quick run brief. And apparently, Jill was a little bit late after confusing Wan Chai with Whampoa station!!...easily done.

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 10.13.15 AM.png

One that got away!

The Kowloon contingent, who were being guided by none other than Liberace, and with him leading, did not see any markings.So, rather than go back to the start and ask for clarification, Libs proceeded to second-guess the run route and take everybody on a run round the streets of Whampoa, as only he can do!

The rest of the pack, knowing not to listen to a thing Liberace says, carried along the front and eventually came across trail and followed on from there, through the residential blocks and out to Tai Wan Road East.

Right and right again down Kok Cheung Street to a check. Easily solved and called on down Sung Ping Street, then left to Bailey Street and right to Chi Kiang Street. Past the park on the right and staying on Chi Kiang Streetall the way to underneath the Eastern Kowloon Corridoe (Route 5), where there was a check.

Check solved, and across the road and back to Chi Kiang Street to the end. Right at the top down Kam Pui Lung Road for about 100 metres, then left up a set of steps. On through Lok Man Sun Chuen Estate being chased by security, who weren't too happy with the hare and anybody else marking their precious lamp posts and running through the state!

On out the other side, over a small fence and on up some steps toward Ma Tau Wai Service Reservoir. A bit of dog-legging, lefts, rights, more stairs, a T or two, and the pack, minus KH3, found themselves up on top of the reservoir.

Some more dodging and weaving down a number of steps, and the pack came out on Sheung Kok Street. Through a gate, left, left again and up the road past the roadworks on the right. Left at the top and down to Sheung Lok Street Garden, left and round behind the toilets along a well worn path keeping Ho Man Tin East Service Reservoir Playground on the right.

Out to Fat Kwong Street, right and on down the hill, across a number of pelican crossings, down and right past Hung Hom Market, making our way towards Dyer Avenue. Across the road, on to Wan Hoi Street and back into the park, and beer. Cloud was low but we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Moon on a number of occasions.

Moonie called the circle and down-downs were dished out to all the sinners.

  • New Full Mooners, of which we not only had new Full Mooner but also a virgin hasher (Wing)! As with most virgins, she was a little shell-shocked by the night's proceedings but got into the swing of it as the evening went on and had a good time

  • Muck Diver, who hounded me on the phone numerous times trying to find the start

  • Latecomers Prince Of Darkness, Jill and Nitro Gorman

  • Jill, whose reason for being late was because she confused Whampoa with Wan Chai! (She forget to mention she got to Wan Chai at 4pm and stayed for a few beers)

  • Prince Of Darkness, who tried to give me the Financial Times to read while everyone was out running (I'm from Manchester!)

  • All the lovely Ladies of the LH4

  • Muck Diver, who got lost and had to go back to the start to ask which way to go

  • All the Kowloon Hashers, who also got lost but didn't return to ask for directions but rather decided to do their own tail, aided and abetted by our very own Liberace (I won't say it!)

  • Liberace, thanks for the ice

  • Muck Diver for trying to save cash on parking and ending up having it cost him $320 for a parking ticket

  • All the Ladies, for saying MY full moon was far better than the one on show!

There were a number of down-downs from the floor but I haven't got a clue or remember what they were!​

The Ladies

The Kowloon boys

The Moon trying to come out

The blue shadow looms

Chinese bash for afters was superb and, as usual, the Ladies took control and we consumed some great food.

On on to September's joint run with the Hong Kong Friday Hash on the 29th, hared by Minja Turtle.

— Moonie

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